With the combination of a unique voice and poetic rhyme scheme, Sir Louis Green brings something new to the hip hop scene. Sir Louis Green was born in Cheverly, Maryland but raised in Lagos, Nigeria. His multi-cultural background brings something new to the hip hop scene as an artist merging two different styles of music. He first emerged on the music scene managing an array of artists, however, he fell in love with the creative aspect of making music and began to pursue a career in making music. Follow Sir Louis Green on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to find out more about him [Sir Louis Green]
Born in The Bronx, raised in Harlem & Poughkeepsie, removed from the harsh street life by a Christian home, it was nearly impossible to listen to rap music. However, the jungle that is New York cannot be tamed. Gabe G was fascinated by the music that had soul, lyrical substance and an overall message. Noting his abilities and talents, Gabe G began taking his career serious by relocating to the DMV, intent on capitalizing in an area where the industry had overlooked. Follow 2Geez on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to find out more about him
Gryd is the acronym for Get Regonized Young Dreamer. Born in the heart of Washington D.C., Gryd grew an irresistible adoration for Music at an early age. Although, Gryd’s parents were unable to grasp how much music gratified his emotions, he knew he the possessed an organic ability to create great music. He took his strong fondness for classic hip hop, and old school R & B to create great lyrical content with musical substance. Gryd retains an innovative uniqueness that allows him to produce his own music, write his own lyrics as well as, edit and master his sound bites. The duality of being an expressive MC and harmonious vocalist makes Gryd a threat to other Artist. Follow Gryd on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to find out more about him