At an early age it was evident this child of two baby boomers both living in the era of Motown, discovered his musical destiny. Gryd’s irresistible adoration for music blossomed when he sang at his sixth grade graduation; his young savvy, smooth voice left the crowd in awe upon hearing his falsettos. Growing up, his talents remained secretive, as he often dismissed his singing ability. Nonetheless, he possessed an organic ability to create great music that couldn’t be suppressed for too long.

During his adolescence he enjoyed practicing writing poetry which developed his sensational bar to bar rhyme schemes. As he became older and continued his education, he later began writing rhymes for himself and other people. He adopted a strong fondness for hip-hop and old school Rhythm and Blues which leveraged his exceptional lyrical content and musical substance. He retains an innovative uniqueness that allows him to produce his own music, edit and master sound bites. The duality of being an expressive MC and harmonious vocalist threatens artists who lack this originality. Gryd has the uncanny ability to rock any crowd, regardless of the demographic


The new light for Hip Hop & R&B is here, G.R.Y.D

Gryd da dreamer